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Our Journey To conception

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Had my first ob appointment today. I didn’t get to interrogate her like I originally wanted to but I feel so so so comfortable with her. We checked on baby with a very quick ultrasound (my first abdominal ultrasound!) and saw our beautiful baby with a very strong heartbeat. She didn’t do any measurements or print any pictures, but I’m okay with that.

She didn’t pressure me into getting a pap smear. The stuff was on the counter when I got in the room and we told her I was uncomfortable with anything that would irritate my cervix considering I have had so much spotting and bleeding. She was completely cool with it and incredibly non pushy and accepting of our concerns. That’s when I knew we would get along just fine.

She said as long as my a1c comes back fine I will come off of the metformin at 12weeks. I would love to get off of it because it makes enjoying carbs a punished crime. If my a1c comes back elevated I will stay on it.

I was nervous about them checking my blood pressure because it’s always super high at doctors offices and high on the electric ones. I warned the nurse I tended to have white coat syndrome and was especially anxious given our miscarriage. It was 125/80 which is pretty stellar for my anxiety I was having.

We decided to pass on any genetic carrier testing.

I have my Nuchal translucency scan scheduled for NEXT FRIDAY.

I’m so excited. This finally is starting to feel real. I have been so guarded about something happening that I haven’t felt really connected to the baby. I am so excited to start announcing it to the rest of our families!

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Have 'em when you're young





Don’t wait until you’re old and your body is falling apart to try to have kids. Don’t put it off because you’re waiting for the perfect job, the perfect salary, the perfect house, the perfect life. The perfect time to have a kid doesn’t exist, but in waiting for it to come, you may end up with no…

Strongly cosigned. I couldn’t agree more. Those who follow me know I didn’t meet my husband until I was almost 30. We started trying to have a baby as soon as we got married and 7 miscarriages, 1 failed IVF cycle and 1 cryo-cycle currently underway we have just the one child. I had no other option than to wait - and going through all of that was the single toughest hurdle of my life (and I’m a recovering alcoholic so I know hard times). All I can offer is my experience which results in my advice being not to wait to start your family. Do it while you are young - you’ll have more energy to raise your kid(s) and more time for treatment if that’s the path life takes you down. 

Yes this!! 

If you wait YOU WILL NEED MEDICAL INTERVENTION. And the scary thing is, I saw so many women in their 20’s in my RE’s waiting room crying their eyes out too. Don’t believe the hype. It’s a miracle anyone gets pregnant ever, really. 

The only thing good about waiting  - is you may be in a place in your life that you can pay for the seemingly endless rounds of IVF. However, fertility treatments are very expensive! Up to $10,000 PER cycle just for the meds. Yep. TEN GRAND. And some clinics are very happy to take your money with no guaranteed results. I went through 2 until I was referred to a third who was honest enough to tell me up front I was old and my eggs were crap and I needed to go the DE route. Yes, I was the lucky one whose DE transfer took the first time and I got the so-called “million dollar family”. But I also just took a loan out against my retirement plan to pay off the credit cards I maxed out getting here. Please do not wait. There will be regrets. 

One more sorta related thought on this - I was a little girl in the 80’s, the decade of ME where I was taught that I would be able to grow up and “have it all”: the high powered career, the perfect family, money, and a massive closet filled with shoulder padded power suits. And that, friends, is a lie. When you focus on one area, the rest are going to have to sacrifice something. But it’s malleable - it’s ever changing. And biology comes into play when one of those focuses is having children.

Sorry, Charlie, I don’t make the rules and your 42 year old body isn’t gonna shoot out a kid as easily as it would have when you were 25, if it’s even able to (unlikely, even with assisted reproduction technologies). Everyone has an aunt who had twins at 40 (hell, I have 2 aunts that did), but they are the exception, the outliers. Not to mention again (as it is above) IVF, FET, IUI and all those other acronyms (as well as adoption) are outrageously expensive - even when you do have insurance coverage. 

I don’t want a power suit. I’m happy as a worker bee. My focus is on my family & friends, my limited work responsibilities and trying to maintain a spiritual life of some sort. And I’m a-ok with that. Let’s just not tell our daughters and sons they can “have it all” anymore, it’s doing them a disservice. Let’s be honest - you can build great things in your life, but pick your focus at any given time and know that the other stuff will take backseat at that point in time. 

Please learn from us veterans and consider our stories. 

I recommend the book The Big Lie: Motherhood, Feminism and the Reality of the Biological Clock.

Fertility is incredibly finite.

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Well my job wants me to learn a speciality from the ground up for the company. I will be the *only* one doing what they want me to do. While I think this sounds like a fun adventure with a pay increase and a lot more public exposure and responsibility, it means job security for a job I wasn’t planning on keeping.

They basically gave me carte blanche to get educated for it, and are letting me pick out whatever equipment for it, potentially running them a cool 12-15k to get me off the ground to hopeful competency.

I didn’t think I’d be going back to school for *this* but hey, I guess if it’s free you can’t complain too much. I planned on going back at some point to get something else. At this point my resume is becoming a hodge podge of degrees and certifications. Kind of crazy but oh well.

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Being 6’ tall does not make finding maternity pants easy.

I went to two different malls and just ended up buying a pair of regular jeans in the next size up.

I’ll have to order maternity pants online.

Le sigh.

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Couldn’t sleep well last night so I’m super tired today. I was really productive and did a lot of cleaning/laundry which was good.

I think I was up to the bathroom 4 times last night. It was so frustrating. By the time I fell asleep (2ish?) I was tired of peeing and I don’t even know why I had to go so much. Woke up around 7:30 which was super not fantastic.

Sundays are notoriously bad sleeping nights for me. Hoping tonight doesn’t live up to that.

4 day work week this week! Woo!

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Ohkay, here it is!!

I’m doing a $25 Carter’s gift card giveaway!! Winner also gets a bunch of coupons from Carter’s and a special gift from Sophia and me!


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Good luck :D

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How Far Along: 10 weeks!

Weight Gain: -2 lb

Maternity Clothes: Still in normal clothes. Jeans are getting tight and uncomfortable though.

Sleep: It’s all I want to do but I can’t always get comfy. Still having bathroom breaks in the middle of the night most nights.

Pregnancy Perk: I’m pregnant!

Embarrassing Pregnant Moment: The sneeze/pee thing has happened a few times. Thankfully only at home

Baby Purchases this week: Nothing this week

Best moment regarding baby this week: All of my apps now declare baby a fetus! I heard the heartbeat for a few seconds on my doppler at 9w5d

Gender: 2 more months

Movement: Baby is moving but it’s too early for me to feel it 

Food Cravings: mashed potatoes and gravy

Food Aversions: nothing noticeable

How’s Mama? I am EXHAUSTED, taking naps every day. I’ve been battling some nausea/queasiness this past week.  

What I am looking forward to: First OB appt on July 23, getting out of the first trimester in a few weeks! 

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: All of my apps agree that baby is now either the size of a prune or a tart kumquat. :)

I can’t believe we’re already 1/4 of the way through. Every day seems to crawl but every day is a victory. I look forward to things speeding up in the coming weeks. I am still worried that there’s nothing in there. I really hope the ob will either do an u/s or at least find the heartbeat to ease my worries. I often get little twinges or stretchy feelings that let me know that things are going on down there. They are comforting but I definitely need some reassurance.

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I am SO SO SO SO SO tired this week. I seriously contemplated curling up under my desk today and taking a nap. I’m pretty sure I could have fallen asleep on the tile floor.

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Fell asleep after work again tonight. I was trying not to since last night I fell asleep for 3 hours and couldn’t go to bed until 1, but somehow I ended up waking up after an hour and a half today. Ugh.

I tried the doppler again, and I think I found baby! I’m almost positive I did. I’m 9w5d and surprised I found it, as I wasn’t expecting to this early considering I’m “plus size.” I had to push really hard but it was the fastest I have heard it. It wasn’t loud enough for it to register the hb but now I just want to keep trying to find it. :)

Dinner is finally in the oven. Garlic fennel chicken breast for me, a mojo one for my husband, and garlic herb roasted potatoes. It smells good!

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If everyone could stop posting pictures of yummy looking food, that would be great! Someone in my feb fb group posted a pizza covered in olives. I thought they looked like blueberries and now all I want is a fruit pizza. I’ve never made a fruit pizza but I want one.

Also, I’m flattered I was tagged in the 6 photos thing going around, but you ladies know I don’t post personal pics here! :)

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Not much to report on today. Just another day at work. Stomach was really off tonight and nothing at dinner set well. Funny I start to get the morning sickness at the tail end of the first trimester.

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Vacation is nearly over. Alarms set for 5:30. I’ve been in a major funk today. Exhausted, not wanting to do anything. Feeling yucky and emotional.

I dread work in the morning. I dread the boredom. I know it’s temporary but I just want to not show up.

Going to go take a shower and hopefully I will feel better before bed. I did nothing productive today. I wanted to change the bed linens but I couldn’t even get out of bed.

I miss the well water at the cabin. It was the best tasting water I’ve had in a while. I just want an icy cold cup of it but alas we are back in chemical water land.

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You're Not Allowed to Not Allow Me


Very interesting article! I believe it’s very important to work with your birth team, and to trust the doctors to some extent. But on the other hand, you are responsible for your own care. I’ve noticed a trend of people saying their doctors won’t allow certain things; this article definitely gives some food for thought. :)

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We are back to the world of high speed internet! It’s fantastic! Tumblr actually loads pictures again.

The drive took us 8.5 hours today because we got stuck for an hour on 81 while they did construction on a 10 ft piece of highway. I kid you not. Cause, that’s totally a reason to shut down a lane for 2 miles. It wasn’t even moving repairs. They were doing repairs to a very small section to a bridge.

My fantastic husband drove the ENTIRE way. I started feeling pretty lousy last night and have been super exhausted. Just took a shower and I’m quite excited to go to bed. :) It’s good to be home.