Expecting after Infertility

Our Journey To conception

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How Far Along: 15/16 week update since I’m 15+6 today. 

Weight Gain: Gained 1 lb since last month, so net -2 still. Awesome! 

Maternity Clothes: Nothing yet. I’ve managed to pop the button off my jeans twice.

Sleep: Thankfully sleeping pretty well lately

Pregnancy Perk: I’m pregnant!

Embarrassing Pregnant Moment: We’re having issues in the bedroom related to not finding comfortable positions :( 

Baby Purchases this week: Diapers, Gap clothes (baby gap is killing my credit card)

Best moment regarding baby this week: Hearing that sweet heartbeat!

Gender: Boy

Movement: I feel like I may have occasionally felt some movements but I can’t guarantee they are from him yet

Food Cravings: Steak, smoothies, carbs. And as long as I’m not gaining I will keep eating steak, smoothies, and carbs. 

Food Aversions: Chicken. 

How’s Mama? Tired, but starting to feel better. 

What I am looking forward to: Getting a bump/feeling baby

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: 

15 weeks: apple, 4 inches

16 weeks: avocado, 4.6 inches

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16w appt tomorrow. Nervous because I haven’t met this dr before and she didn’t exactly make me feel warm fuzzies when I talked to her on the phone about the cfDNA test.

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So you ladies confirmed what I thought. Definitely heard baby kicking the doppler this morning. Now only if I could feel him!

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I don’t even know if cloth diapering is going to work out for us, but I need to stop ordering them! 

I am not going to put pressure on myself to make them work and decided to just give them a reasonable try and if it didn’t work for us then cool— we could buy disposables. I have texture and smell issues with disposables so I’m hoping cloth will work for us. My husband is on board with trying them so long as I do the laundry (which I do all the laundry now anyways, no big deal there). 

Well.. I think I’ve cleared 40 diapers (once they all arrive) and I’m not even 16 weeks pregnant. Someone delete my paypal account please. I still wanted to get covers and GMD prefolds but I need to BACK AWAY. 

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I respect alternative medicine if you wish to subject yourself to it, but get your goddamn children to a real doctor, especially in emergencies. 

So much this.

No, adult cousin, your essential oil bullshit will NOT cure the bacterial pneumonia I had and was hospitalized for a few months ago.

I deleted her on Facebook after that suggestion.

Good riddance!

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The first baby was born today from my small fall due date group. I am so happy I decided to follow them through their journeys but seeing them now start to give birth breaks my heart. I should have been 34 weeks now.

I am so thankful for this healthy baby but I can’t help myself and I get trapped thinking about what could have been.

All the emotions.

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Baby boy is a little less than half way to my belly button. Moving up!

It’s been an emotional day. I’ll update more on that tomorrow. (Everything is fine with us, me, baby, etc)

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New BG prints…

My friend just told me she just sold a Jules 4.0 for $80. I just bought $250 worth of the new prints.

No shame.

I told my husband and he told me to buy a few more. Hah.